about us

Founded in 2018, LEFA is an urban mobility company in Windhoek that facilitates passenger transportation through technology, making passenger transportation safe, reliable, efficient and convenient. The LEFA app is a true pioneer as a ride-hailing platform in Namibia. The name LEFA was derived from the Oshiwambo word lefa which translates to the action of asking for a ‘lift’ or ‘ride’. LEFA is Windhoek’s most trusted local cab and airport transfer operator in Windhoek. Often called the ‘UBER’ of Namibia – whether you need a LEFA for your everyday commute, an airport transfer or a delivery service – LEFA ensures a safe, reliable, and convenient ride every time. We offer our clients a peace of mind by offering various payment methods both cash and cashless.

Apart from on-demand ride-hailing services, LEFA offers a variety of services such as staff transport services, conference transfers, event transport solutions and small package delivery services. LEFA also offers a variety of Business to Business services with various payment terms to suit every corporate client.


Our focus on core objectives such as offering safe transportation services in Windhoek, reliable service that is always on time  and convenient  service that is easy to use has positioned us as one of the most sought after transport companies in Namibia. LEFA has established partnerships as a transportation service provider to some of Namibia’s most successful and established entities. Our client list includes embassies, consulates, local and international corporations, international organizations, hospitals, hotels, lodges, airlines and tour operators. Please see below a list of some of our clients: