In a dedicated commitment to continuously elevate the capabilities of our drivers, LEFA recently executed an all-encompassing one-on-one driver training initiative.

This purpose-driven training was structured to address key facets that contribute to a superior service provision by our drivers. The training’s threefold concentration encompassed:

  1. Customer Service Excellence: Acknowledging the pivotal role of customer satisfaction, the training emphasized the art of exceptional customer service. Drivers underwent comprehensive coaching to master effective communication with passengers, and adeptly navigate diverse passenger interactions. From addressing inquiries to accommodating special requests, our drivers were equipped to create a positively memorable and client-centric journey.
  2. Road Safety Protocols: With a paramount emphasis on road safety, our drivers underwent rigorous training in defensive driving techniques, strict adherence to traffic regulations, and strategies for mitigating potential hazards.
  3. Overall Professionalism: A cornerstone of our training initiative was the cultivation of unwavering professionalism. The training underscored the significance of a well-maintained and presentable vehicle, adherence to punctuality, and adeptly handling unanticipated situations with poise and resourcefulness. By instilling these qualities, drivers were poised to embody the essence of reliability, responsibility, and trustworthiness as representatives of our brand.

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