Transportation is not just about getting people from point A to point B, but doing so safely and reliably. Safety is a determining factor when anyone decides how, when, or if to drive and travel. Many female passengers have ordered and in fact requested a female driver in the past. To meet this demand, LEFA announced that Marie Uwamahoro, has started as a LEFA driver. She was born and raised in Windhoek and is very customer oriented, ensuring passengers get to their destination, safely and on time.

Uwamahoro has a lot of experience as a professional driver and LEFA expressed their excitement to have her joining an ever-expanding team of professional drivers.

Bridal SponsorUwamahoro has always wanted to break the stereotype when it comes to female drivers and being part of LEFA, the largest ride-hailing company in Namibia, was a perfect fit. “Women are as a good at driving as men. In fact, according to insurance company statistics women cause fewer accidents than men. We as women should not think just because we are women, we are not capable of taking up certain jobs,” said Uwamahoro.

Uwamahoro signed up with LEFA in July this year and so far, she is enjoying her new job and is hoping to inspire other women to sign up as well. Although she has experienced some challenges with passengers, she is not discouraged from continuing to be of service to the Windhoek community.

People are always surprised when she pulls up as their driver. Weekends are the most challenging times for her as a female driver. She gets inappropriate comments from drunk passengers and tackles these challenges by knocking off earlier on weekends. However, the more women that join as drivers, the more accepted it will be.

Uwamahoro advises women across Namibia, to take up driving jobs and dare to make a difference. Additionally she says it is essential for more women to become drivers and make Windhoek a safer place.

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