LEFA completes more than 200K rides in Windhoek

Local ride-hailing company, LEFA says it reached a major milestone when it clocked up more than 200,000 successful App rides.

“It is amazing that we have reached this milestone of 200,000+ rides. Namibians have embraced the app, the technology and we have proven that tech and innovation-driven businesses are viable in Namibia.LEFA is looking to further develop and disrupt the transportation industry in the capital and across Namibia. This milestone is just the start, watch this space. With new projects being developed and investors coming on board, LEFA can honestly say that the 200,000 rides are just the beginning,” Melkies Ausiku, Founder and Managing Director of LEFA said.

“In fact so, more than 200,000 trips have been completed in under four years, taking our passengers safely from Point A to Point B. LEFA Transportation Services (Pty) Ltd has been shuttling clients  around Windhoek through its sophisticated yet simple mobile application system since February 2018.”

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